Thursday, 10 April 2014

Marketing your book

When I accepted a book contract with John Hunt Publishing's imprint, Compass Books, I knew I’d need to be involved with the marketing. I think all publishers require that to some extent these days. So I wrote an action plan, committing myself to doing what I could to help promote my book.

It’s a niche title, “Freelance Writing on Health, Food and Gardens”, so I didn’t expect it to hit the best-seller lists, but with limited resources, I want to make it as successful as it can be. Here’s a breakdown of some of my marketing activities…

Magazine articles

Writing magazine: I wrote the leading article in Writing magazine shortly after publication. It was about making money in writing and concluded with a little book promo. It resulted in a delightful call from someone who ordered my book on the basis of that article. And someone else tweeted to say the article was really inspiring.

A few extracts of the book have appeared in Compass Books magazines, “Writers’ Wheel”.You can pick up copies FREE here:

My additional promotions have included:

- Blogging in a way that either directly or indirectly, promotes the book;
- I’ve participated in an interview with Women on Writing, which was published alongside a book review;
- I’ve talked at local photography club about my work;
- Talked at my local writers’ group;
- Run promotions in the local newspaper;
- Posted promotional blogs across different social media platforms and in a range of specialist writing groups;
- Promoted the book on my own website;
- Written two articles for writing blogs;
- Came runner-up in a writer of the year competition and used that to promote the book;
- Contributed to Jennifer Bohnet's 'surprises' blog which attracts about 300 readers so I'm told.
- Did the 'My Writing Process' blog hop (chain letter online), which promoted the book.
- I'm getting regular free promotions through ebook universe, a great resource for authors: 

And the results? Sales are steady if not astounding. The publisher's erratic and illogical pricing strategy doesn't help! I now have a second book out, which is helping to build my profile beyond the three genres of health, food and gardens. I continue to appear regularly in writing magazines and liaise with other writers on social media.

What are other writers doing to promote their work? Do tell if you have some great hints and tips.

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