Friday, 25 November 2016

Writing inspiration, last minute changes, and self-publishing

I had a couple of articles published in Writing magazine recently, on the topic of self-publishing. It showed my newest project under production, "The Little Book of Freelance Writing," so I thought I'd better get on with publishing it!

The manuscript had been steadily growing over the course of the past year, while I produced stories, ideas and interviews on writing topics. Some were intended for magazines but never quite made it. Others did, and appeared in Writers' Forum earlier that year. More chapters and sections were written specifically for the new book, plugging gaps in information, providing sources of inspiration, and helping it all hang together.

There were a few ups and downs; a last minute change and a bit of a rewrite at the eleventh hour, but I drew from author interviews and my own experiences to bring stories to life, inspire readers, and show how others have overcome big challenges to succeed in this very competitive industry.

So finally, my newest title, just out, is 'The Little Book of Freelance Writing - writing ideas, opportunities, inspiration, and success stories'. It's a short easy read, designed to inspire, educate and get writers thinking about where to go next.

It includes interviews with authors and comment about the industry. Best selling author Mary Mackie explains how her work was inspired by living in a National Trust house. Comedy writer Jon Rance explains how he got a publishing deal with Hodder and Stoughton after he self-published his hugely successful first novel. Best selling thriller writer, Rachel Abbot, explains how she sold millions of copies of her book by publishing her way.

The book also looks at opportunities for new writers in different commercial markets, how to come up with new ideas, and how to pitch to editors. It covers rights and contracts, and how to find new homes for articles that get rejected. There's a chapter on blogging, a chapter on self-publishing, a piece on website content creation, and lots more. 

It's available as a paperback book here for £4.99 
Or as an ebook for Kindle here for £1.99