Saturday, 16 September 2017

This year has been stressful. They're building 70 flats on the plot next door.

This year has been stressful. They're building 70 flats on the plot next door. Our house forms the boundary wall. I've had 18 months of noise and vibrations. The whole house shakes daily, and last week they piled soil up against the wall of our house, with no consultation. Then they had diggers collecting the soil from the wall of our house, and ignored my attempts to communicate with them. I wanted to say, "Be careful - that's a load-bearing wall! It would have been nice to be consulted about this! And what about damp?"

But none of the workers speak English, making it impossible to effectively communicate with them directly, and the management's communication is awful. So I threw my toys out the pram (metaphorically speaking). I'm now expecting a call from a surveyor next week... because they're also planning to plant a privet hedge next to our wall, with the potential to grow to 12ft. This would block access to the wall for maintenance, prevent the wall from drying out after heavy rain (we've had damp problems there, rectified them for now, but need to keep an eye on it). And there's a threat to the foundations of our house from 40 x 12' trees.

It's stressful and I feel I need to get away from this environment, so we've had lots of holidays this year. Now the holiday season is ending, I've decided to start going down to the library more often. I can use the desk space and their amazing wifi. Last time I hot-desked at the library (due to our internet being down), there were 30 kids singing in the kids' section, so it's not always great for concentrating, but it's got to be worth a try? Perhaps I'll write another blog in a few weeks to let you all know how I'm getting on!

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