Monday, 14 October 2013

Get out there and seize opportunities

For me, the dream was always writing. I have never been much good at anything else - it's why I ended up pursuing a career in corporate communications. It was the closest 'proper job' I could get to actually being a writer. But it doesn't come close to freelance writing on topics you enjoy.

I'll admit that once I'd escaped from the constraints of living with my parents, things like mortgage commitments got in the way. Self-employment in a high-risk occupation seemed perilous. Then just over four years ago, I had a short-lived job that changed my life. The experience opened my eyes and gave me confidence. The job was a disaster - but the outcome was a dream come true.

After that experience, I knew I could write better than some other professionals that I'd met in the field. I had bags of initiative and the first thing I did was to throw out the rule book. I built a career from nothing, with no contacts - just sheer tenacity, determination, and a sometimes annoying refusal to go away!

So the moral of the story, is to get out there, be proactive, and seize opportunities! Are you pushing open doors and creating opportunities or are you tapping away at your computer, blogging perhaps, and hoping to be 'discovered' one day?

My book, Freelance Writing on Health, Food and Gardens, tells the story of how I broke into freelance writing and made a good living from it within a few years - and how you can too. If you're interested in hearing more, do subscribe to my blog, follow me on social media, and grab yourself a copy of the book!


  1. I'm a door pusher too :-) Congrats on the book and wishing you every success.

  2. Thanks Kym. I hope your door pushing opens doors and opportunities into the world of publishing too! If that's what you want of course! :-)