Saturday, 26 October 2013

British history in a series of ghost stories

Well, I never thought I'd learn so much from writing ghost stories! I think I've discovered where my history teacher went wrong at school. The more I research tales of various haunted locations, the more I learn about British history, the monarchy, and the horrible circumstances under which some people died. I've started to develop a greater appreciation of British history, and connect events that never held much interest for me before.

In order to reveal why the restless spirits of royals and aristocrats roam stately homes and castles across the UK, I've had to delve into the past, learn their stories and tell their tales.

I've learnt about the murder of the Princes at the Tower, the Wars of the Roses, Henry VI dying in the Tower and Richard III. I've got a better grasp of Henry VIII's wives and the life of Queen Victoria. As I research apparent hauntings in old buildings across the UK, I get a better appreciation of British history, and I wonder if this approach might have captured my attention better at school!

So next time you think British history is boring, or ghost stories are silly and frivolous, remember me, and my haunting approach to connecting events in history. Perhaps it'll help you see ghost stories in a whole new light! Or perhaps, it's a way to make British history more interesting for your children. But do take care and don't give them nightmares!

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