Tuesday, 4 February 2014

My story so far...

After many failed attempts to get published in my youth, I ended up following a career in marketing. Sadly it wasn't in publishing, but the role did enable me to unleash some of my creativity and hone my writing skills. I wrote promotional literature and learnt graphic design.

It was 15 years later, in 2011, that I took voluntary redundancy from marketing, to embark on a full-time career as a freelance writer. I worked long hours, with sheer grit and determination, until I succeeded. In the end, it was simply a return to my roots - writing was the only thing I’d ever been really good at. My husband had faith in me which helped a lot.

Within months I had a regular column with the local newspaper and started to get work with magazines securing commissions to write about gardening, military history, food, nutrition and travel. I found my greatest selling point was my nutrition qualification and diversity of knowledge about natural health. 

Then I got a book deal. Most of my work over the past three years has been in the fields of health, food and gardens. Compass Books recognised this and offered me a contract to write a book on how I'd achieved my writing dream. That was in April last year, and I've just received some advance copies of the paperback.

It's available on my website in paperback, or on Amazon worldwide as an ebook/paperback. It's called, "Freelance Writing on Health, Food and Gardens" and it's a step by step guide to helping people achieve their writing dreams.

Buy from me in the UK www.susiekearley.co.uk/books

On Amazon UK www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1782793046
USA www.amazon.com/dp/1782793046

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