Friday, 10 October 2014

My wake-up call to the power of KDP

I was blown away when I heard that one of our Writers' Group members, Dave Sivers, had sold 5000 copies of his latest crime novel through Kindle Direct Publishing.

Having read reports saying that most self-published ebooks sell less than 100 copies (many less than 10!) I was skeptical about the whole thing, but Dave's work is always impeccable and his success with KDP made me think again. The sales are comparable to an advance from a traditional publishing house!

Of course I've also heard the self-publishing success-stories touted by KDP themselves, but I thought these were very much the exceptions, not the rule. Undoubtedly, for the most part, they are - but hearing Dave's success story so close to home has opened my eyes to the power of self-publishing. You can view Dave's literary collection here.

Or if you prefer something more on the trials and tribulations of freelance writing, why not download Amazon's free sample pages of my own book, Freelance Writing: Aim Higher, Earn More? And if you like it, go wild and buy a copy! The paperback is now available for the bargain discounted price of £5.96/$8.09. The Kindle version is cheaper still!



  1. I wrote a book and put it out there in November. Not really knowing what to expect, as a debut author sending out my first title, I was pleasantly surprised to find that until about a week ago I got sales every day through KDP. I'm still getting a few sales and borrows (which pay too) most days, but I have lowered my initial price for sales. I've sold nearly 200 copies in the past 70 days or so and I've had over 300 borrows.

    Fiction in popular niches that has been set up correctly on Amazon to optimize for sales but otherwise minimally marketed will always sell. I'm so encouraged by my early results that I'm working hard to get my second book finished to build on the momentum. Had I known going in that it would work out as well as it has, I would have waited to publish the first book so the 2nd would have been closer to being ready.

    1. Wow. That's impressive Anne. I'm glad your experience has been so good too! I'll take a look at your website now. :-)