Sunday, 21 January 2018

2017-2018 What next?

I thought for the first blog of 2018 I should look back at 2017 and forward to the year ahead.

Now you may recall that after failing to hit most of my targets in 2016, I didn't have a plan for 2017: it was a bit like Brexit. But I subscribed to some magazines and a website to help me find work. All those subscriptions have now lapsed and I've reverted to the old fashioned way of doing things - just approaching editors. It works best for me.

I did get a job from the freelance writing website, but it was working for an individual who didn't understand professional ethics and after declaring that she loved the work I'd done for her, she then changed her mind and refused to pay her second invoice. We parted company and I decided I prefered to work for professional publishers, not entrepreneurs with funny ideas and a propensity to change their minds.

So, apart from that, 2017 was a year of writing about weird and wonderful things, from exorcisms to pets. I was working for existing clients on spiritual, travel, gardening and health titles. New clients last year included a poultry magazine, a travel magazine, an insurance company, and a esoteric publication.

I've been covering diverse topics from salmonella in poultry to the glorious sights of the Lake District. I've written about pet modelling agencies, puppy smuggling, the summer solstice, and the Naked Bike Ride.

2018 will present new challenges, as the publishing industry is under pressure and freelancers are leaving in droves for secure jobs in PR (according to stats anyway)! I won't be joining them. Just hoping to pick up more new clients in 2018, and keep plugging away, doing what I do best.